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  • Nationwide Deliveries
  • Reduced Packaging
  • Sustainable and environmentally sensitive raw firewood procurement

Firewood Express UK are a family owned, nationwide firewood supplier. We cover all of mainland UK with our Free Shipping offer, and include the Isle of Skye in this area.

Low Firewood Moisture Content

With the concern relating to air pollution issues in larger cities, we have introduced new lower moisture contents for all our “Ready to Burn” firewood. We utilise air drying for most of our firewood seasoning process and only use our environmentally friendly woodchip fired log kiln to reduce the last few percentage points of log moisture (we only sell Ready to Burn firewood with <20% moisture content).

We offer firewood logs for sale that are suitable for all wood burners and open fires.

Reduced Packaging

We are one of the few firewood suppliers that utilise the industry leading net wrap packaging for our bulk firewood packs. The unique netting system means dramatically reduced waste packaging compared to the traditional bulk bags, and also allows a more stable and larger pack. Our bulk packs are all 2 cubic meters (loose filled) in volume.

Sustainable and environmentally sensitive raw firewood procurement

We have a strict firewood procurement policy. We utilise predominantly UK forestry production from within a short distance of our bulk firewood processing plant. All supplies must have a forestry commission felling license. We do import a boat load from Scandinavia or Baltic States, once per year. It is grown to strict European environmental standards and is imported by boat to our local port (Montrose). The boat involved normally loads up with spruce destined for paper making on the return load.

Budget logs available in the summer months

In the summer months, we always have a promotion on Semi-Seasoned firewood for DIY log drying. This promotion allows you, the customer to buy firewood at the lowest price of the year, whilst also keeping our firewood production plant busy. We recommend larch for this option as it can reduce its moisture with good storage to below 20%. We process firewood for sale all year round.

Softwood Firewood log Specialists

Unusually for a firewood supplier, we specialise in, and support the use of, softwoods for firewood. We specifically recommend larch, and to a lesser extent, Scots Pine. We do this because the best “bang for buck” or best value firewood is larch. It is cheaper to procure, very easy to process and to kiln dry, so we are able to supply it with a large discount over hardwood. However, there is also a shortage of hardwood in the UK, hence the reason huge amounts are being imported from Eastern Europe (these are the neatly stacked wooden crates you see), so we see supplying softwood as utilising UK production more completely.

Nationwide Deliveries

Deliveries are carried out by our contractor, Freightroute. They utilise both hub and spoke and point to point distribution systems to ensure low cost and low environmental impact. All trunk vehicles are very young and are fitted with the latest Euro Cat 6 low emissions engines. Our delivery vehicles also make collections so aiming to be full in both directions.

Farm History

Firewood Express UK is a trading name of the family farming business of Gowanbank Farms Ltd. The family are involved in farming the fertile arable land bounded to the South by the beautiful Angus coast including Carnoustie and Arbroath and to the North by the Angus Glens.

The farm has been in the family for over 100 years. They were originally involved in traditional mixed farming, this was taken forward to the present day by current retired partners Duncan & Kay Henderson.

The current farming generation are the Pattullo family of Mike & Cara (Duncan & Kay’s daughter) with their daughters Emma & Louise.

They are involved in a variety of speciality crops, from malting barley for whisky and beer production, to table potatoes, daffodils and even gladioli.

Their flower production is so important now that they are involved in packing and delivering direct to major supermarket chains. Some of their daffodil bulbs travel across the Atlantic to the USA.

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