Here at Firewood Express UK we take the environmentally sustainable procurement of our input timber very seriously.

Where possible we will use timber grown within 25 miles of our base processing facility.

We do not supply Eastern European road transported timber. This is easily recognisable online by the neatly stacked wooden crates you will see advertised.

Not only is this timber being carried over huge road miles, but is is of questionable providence and with little or no environmental traceability.

All our UK timber is cut from managed forests which must be licensed and have a re-planting plan, which in most cases will replace removed forests with improved amenity and native woodlands.

We have one exception to our rule on imported material; that of the Scandinavian birch we bring in annually. This product is grown and harvested to EU specifications and is imported by ship to our local port (Montrose) one of the least environmentally damaging transport types.

Note that our shipping system, the pallet couriers, run the most efficient, modern systems and trucks available, vehicles always running full in both directions.


BSL Authorisation No: BSL0541344-0002