Latest Wood Burning Stove Developments

Latest Stove developments

To follow up my last blog post about the change in laws about wood burning and the evidence of harm from stoves, I thought I would review some of the recent changes that have been made to stoves to improve their emissions.

Any stove manufacturer reading this, please contact us with details of the improvements you have made.

I am going to list a number of links here for you to peruse and consider, but in summary my research would tend to suggest the current improvements being made involve the following basic principles:

1. Smoke is basically un-burnt fuel, so increasing burn temperature, applying extra air and allowing re-circulation of flue gasses to ensure all fuels is burnt is a sure way to reduce emissions

2. Increasing the efficiency of a stove reduces pollution through burning less fuel, so some of the heat exchange, externally vented and catalytic converter type changes act in this way.

Have a read of these links and grab yourself an updated stove and do your bit to keep the regulators at bay.

Triple air flow:

Shire Stoves 

Hunter Stoves (pdf) 

Newbridge Heating

Article reviewing some of the best stoves: Best Stove Reviews

Rocket scientist inventing smoke free stoves for developing countries (also charges smart phones, Camping?): Reducing smoke and saving lives

Catalytic converters and heat exchangers: Burley Stoves

How do catalytic converters work: Catalytic Convertors

How about bringing the fresh air down beside the chimney? Lovely piece of design here: Schiedel Stoves