March 2021 Update – Scandi Birch receiving rave reviews

Image is of Scandi Birch fresh off processor this afternoon, away into kiln

Hopefully you are enjoying the spring-like weather some of us have had lately. What a cold period that was, from mid-December right through to the snows of a few weeks ago. Our farm staff are finally gearing up to get going, cutting daffodils, first job, starts next week.

During that cold snap our systems were pushed to the absolute limits, and our guys put in a sterling shift, under a lot of pressure. We can now feel the pressure lifting a bit and delivery timescales are coming back to something more like normal (around 2 weeks at the moment and improving).

We are getting rave reviews about the Scandi. birch again (we always do, it really is a unique firewood). It gives the fierce heat you expect with Scottish birch, but also lasts more like beech.

We also have had happy new converts to larch recently (and in fact one of our trade customers has been testing it out with their customers with great feedback).

Here’s hoping the success of the vaccine holds up and we can look for a loosening of things a bit in time for late spring/summer.