New Product Launch – Playgrade Woodchip for Playground Covering

News this week, we have launched a new product, one we used to stock in the old TurfandStuff business.

It was an amazingly popular item with schools, local authorities and families.

I am talking about Playgrade Woodchip.

We have added this product to our range as our system lends itself to its production and delivery, we use chip in our kilns, and district heating, so making the playground version has been no problem.

We have had it certified and tested for critical fall heights, you can view the certificate here.

In case you haven’t come across this product before, it is used as a covering in play areas, specifically where there is equipment that children can fall from. It has excellent impact cushioning effects.

There are a range of products that can be used for the job, but the new woodchip option ticks a large number of boxes. These are specifically around it’s low cost and the “knitting” of the fibers during use, that creates a free draining, clean, hard wearing impact absorbing surface.

To make procurement easier for schools and Local Authorities, we can accept purchase orders and then invoice after delivery.

We are supplying this in a single pack size, our ever popular giant bag. It will cover around 22m2 at 4″(100mm) or 11m2 at 8″(200mm).

Note, our customers also use it for the following applications:


Border Mulching

Hen enclosures

If you are local to us and have a chip fired boiler, we can supply this product dry. Call for a quote.

This activity will keep us a bit busier in our traditionally quieter spring and summer months.