How long are your logs?

We provide firewood logs in a range of sizes depending on the product:

8" and 10" Options: Kiln Dried Hardwood or Kiln Dried Larch

8", 10", 12" and 14": Semi-Seasoned Larch

Do I have to remain in on the day of delivery to sign for the consignment?

No this is not a stipulation provided that we can have firm instructions from you as to where the pallet can be left.

Do you operate a Crane or HIAB delivery service?

There is no Crane or HIAB service available.

How do we know the moisture content of the log order?

We now only supply Ready to Burn logs at a moisture content less than 20%.

What is the best method to store the logs?

Basically in a purpose built covered Log Store with a good throughput of air.

Can I simply put a tarpaulin over the net to store them?

This would suffice very much in the short term but not for a long term solution.

If I store them in my garage will they continue to dry?

They will continue to dry albeit very slowly, but ideally should be kept in a store where they will dry much better with a throughput of air.

How long does it take to dry semi-seasoned Larch Logs?

This is very dependent on the time of year and where the Logs are stored, but 8-12 weeks is the guide. 

Can you deliver to my area?

We deliver to the entire length and breadth of mainland UK and Skye. In some cases (by arrangement and at an additional cost) to some Islands.

What are you doing to minimise your Carbon footprint?

By using a blend of "Point to Point" and "hub & spoke" pallet delivery companies, we minimise the carbon footprint by the companies involved shipping multiple pallets to their respective central "Hubs" then distributed to regional depots.

Is Larch a Hardwood?

Larch is a softwood, but one of the best. The biggest advantage of larch over virtually any other timber is that it dries so quickly. It also dries down to a lower moisture content than any wood. This makes it an ideal firewood log for wood burners

Can I pay “cash on delivery”?

No, we take payment by credit card or Paypal at time of order

Can I request a time for delivery?

No, logs are delivered through a third party and we have no control over time of delivery. You do get to choose a delivery date at the checkout (except Highland deliveries).

How are you logs delivered?

Our delivery firm uses taillift and pallet truck for our firewood deliveries.

How many logs are in a 2.0m3 net?

The natural variation of timber means we are unable to give a number, but our measure is termed "2 cubic metres (loose)"

I was told only to burn hardwood in my wood burner, why are you selling larch which I understand is a Softwood?

Yes, larch is a softwood, but one of the best. Because it dries so well, it burns with a hotter flame and so prevents the build-up of soot, creosote etc.

I have a gravel drive, what is the problem with delivery to this?

Our delivery trucks use manual pallet trolleys with very small wheels, they just dig in to gravel.

I don’t have a pavement or kerbside can I still order?

No unfortunately this can’t be done

I live down an unmade road which is basically a dirt track, can I still get a delivery?

Can a bin lorry or oil lorry get down, if so it should be ok, it is better to give us a call to discuss.

Can my neighbour sign for the Logs?

Yes, it is not a stipulation that you must be there for delivery 

Can you deliver to Isles of Wight, Man , and Outer Hebrides or other Scottish islands?

Apart from Skye, which is in our free delivery area, we can only deliver to these other islands by arrangement and at additional cost