Relentless Input Log Price Rises Due To Demand

Published : 01/02/2019 09:05:00
Categories : Current News

As previously noted (details) the demand by the large biomass power plants, the roadside price of timber, including softwoods, is climbing relentlessly. We are trying to keep our prices down as much as we can in the face of this pressure. However there have been small price rises over the last month.

However, our value for money remains high, just consider our key product and service benefits.

1. Free delivery to any mainland UK address and Skye

2. All RTB products are dried below 20% moisture content giving you more consistent and high heat from your stove or fire

3. All logs are passed over our specialist cleaning machine, so virtually no trash

4. Both hardwood and Larch available in shorter and smaller 8" lengths

5. All packs a carefully wrapped to protect them from the weather, until you are ready to stack away

6. Our giant 2.0m3 packs are equivalent volume to 3 builders bags

7. Delivery on your chosen day (except Highlands)

8. Our "almost never" claimed against product quality guarantee

9. The highest rated firewood supplier on Trustpilot, view for yourself

10. One of the few specialist softwood suppliers, including named premium softwood fuels: LarchPine

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