Firewood Express RTB Larch 48 Nets Woodsure
  • Firewood Express RTB Larch 48 Nets Woodsure

Ready To Burn Larch (Pallet of 48 nets)

Larch is our most popular firewood. Supplied here at a moisture content below 20% for uniform, high heat production.

FREE DELIVERY to all mainland UK addresses and Skye.

Note, as this product is hand selected, the logs are more even in sizing than the bulk nets.

Best option for difficult delivery points, as much easier handled at your end.

Suitable for all stoves & wood burners

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Extra Dry Firewood


Free mainland UK delivery


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Our most popular dry firewood product. Supplied Ready To Burn with a moisture content below 20%, on a pallet of 48 nets.

Larch is a fantastic firewood and well priced too. 

Not recommended for open fires without the use of a spark guard. Can be used in all stoves or boiler appliances and in smokeless zones in approved stoves.

Plenty room on top of the pallets for waxlings.

Cut at 10" length and hand selected into the nets, this product is more uniform than the bulk nets.

Ready to Burn Larch 48 nets
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