Woodburner Pollution Issues 2019

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An image of smoke being produced by log burning stoves

As the number of woodburners increases and more people than ever before new to wood burning are having them fitted, we need to keep our advice up to date with all the incoming regulation changes.

If you want to know which is the best type of logs for woodburners, we have specific blog page here: Logs for woodburners.

The government has now published it's clean air strategy. Homes, and specifically burning solid fuels (which includes firewood) have received some close attention, have a look yourself at this PDF from page 57. UK Clean Air Strategy 

They are specifically looking to get particulates down, and currently burning solid fuels produces 38% of the UK’s emissions of particulate matter. One of the key action points is the tightening of stove emission standards, making all new woodburning stoves at least 80% efficient.

So, all stoves sold after January 2022 must  be complaint with Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives 

Note; Brexit will not impact this change as it is being introduced to UK law as part of The Great Repeal Bill, as this regulation is being chosen as the primary method chosen by Government to meet the emissions targets.

The stove manufacturers are already reacting and most new stoves sold soon will be compliant.

As far as I read this, if you already have a stove fitted, you won't have to change. However, our company policy is to recommend that for the good of the environment, and your local air quality, if you have the funds available, you should consider upgrading your stove. You replace your car regularly, so why not your stove.

We all want to retain the ability to have stoves, and looking at the pollution impacts, we should all react.

As some of you are already aware, that as part of our drive to improve our fuel quality, we now finish our firewood seasoning in our kiln to achieve the under 20% moisture content now being recommended. 

Remember though, that larch will achieve this moisture content even in your own wood store, so when in season consider buying semi-seasoned larch.

There are some tips on making your stove burn a bit more cleanly, trying at all cost to avoid it smoking. I liked the Which version: Read the Which Guide to log burning

In summary, as woodburners and firewood suppliers, we are now all part of the government's clean air strategy and are attracting their interest. We are likely to get scrutinised ever tighter. With this in mind we must keep our firewood quality up, especially ensuring low moisture content, and renew our stoves as technology improves and emissions reduce. It is true to say though, that we are part of the renewable energy movement, so still carry validity.

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