Whay Are There Short Logs In Our Firewood Packs

Published : 07/02/2019 10:03:26
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Firewood Log Length Options At Last Cut

What strange weather we are having, swinging from extra low -7 deg C to a positively balmy 11 deg C.

Unfortunately our local skiing hasn't really got going at all this year, with a few patchy days on a couple of runs.

Today, I wanted to pick up on a comment made on our Trustpilot reviews, and that I have heard occasionally before:

Why are there short logs in the firewood packs?(Not true of the hand selected small nets)

The answer to this is that at the end of every nominally 3.0 metre length of input timber, the sizes don't work out.

Because of variation in the forestry machine and in the amount removed in each cut on our machine there is an uneven last log.

We have to make a decision on the fly on the machine at this point for every input log processed.

See the graphic, we have 3 options. Obviously the extra-long log would be a problem for many, so we opt for one of the other 2 options, depending on the dimensions involved.

This happens approximately every 12 cuts, so approx 1/12 of the pack with have a non-uniform length. If we've done our job right, you won't even notice many of them. But depending on dimensions, short logs will appear.

There is nothing we can do about this, and of course these logs can be utilised perfectly well in your fire or stove (as starter logs for example).

As an additional point, sometimes if the last log is really short, we won't split it down further, so you may find full firewood disks (keeping well within max. dimensions).

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