May 2020 Semi-Seasoned Firewood Rules Update

Image of a log store suitable for drying Semi-Seasoned Larch firewood

As we are now well into our semi-seasoned firewood production season (firewood you buy in the summer to dry yourself, saving you money), I need to communicate our advice to satisfy the upcoming new log burning rules.

If you buy wet wood from us, you must be ready and prepared to get your firewood dry.

You must have suitable log storage (light, airy, protected from rain) and a moisture meter (see firewood moisture meters on amazon)

You must store the firewood until you get an average reading of under 20% moisture. This should be calculated from 1 reading from each end and one from the middle of a freshly split log. Sum the 3 figures and divide by 3.

You must not use these logs in your fire until that avarge reading is below 20%. If it is still high, wait longer.

That is the instructions to satisfy the new regulations. The good news is that the firewood products we sell semi-seasoned are very quick drying, especially larch. Pine does take a little bit longer so allow a bit more time for it.

Note that as we process these products to order we offer a great range of sizes. 

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