Legislation on woodburning practices about to come into effect

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The final legislation is now in place for England for the changes in what firewood can be legally sold.

New Air Quality Legislation

This is the reason we went for our Woodsure certification this past year.

You must not burn wet or badly seasoned firewood.

We have had a look at the implications for our normal summer semi-seasoned firewood sales. Because our pack is 2m3 we are allowed to sell it. However, we will have to provide a label giving guidance and a warning that it must be dried before burning.

So with that, feel free to buy our semi-seasoned products (Larch or Pine) but also buy a moisture meter 

Note this legislation is only for England at the moment.

Further to the above you may have read or heard of the recent the guardian newspaper article Click to view 

Although we all love our woodburners, they are undoubtedly becoming a target. With this in mind, you have heard me go on about this before, but here it is again:

1. Only burn dry wood, either buy our kiln dried firewood, or buy semi-seasoned larch and only burn once moisture content is below 20%

2. If you stove is over about 8 years old, save up and buy a new one. The new designs are far cleaner (and more efficient). Look at this page: Ecodesign Appliances And this page : Clearskies Mark and my blog post on stove developments

3. If you are still using an open fire, the advice is to install one of these new clean burn stoves. Open fires just can’t hit the pollution targets coming down the tracks

Remember when you buy our semi-seasoned larch, you can specify a range of sizes from the small 8" through to the boiler sized 14".

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