June 2019 Firewood Update

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Firewood Log Splitter BladesThat's us into June now, so time is starting to get short even to get larch dry for early Autumn. If you need firewood for burning then, best get it procured now.


Semi-Seasoned Larch Offer



New splitting Blades


After reviewing the splitting quality of our new firewood machine (after a couple of customer complaints were raised) we have made a new purchase;


We now have 2 interchangeable splitting knives.


We have to use the telehandler to change them over as they are so massive and extremely heavy.


This is giving the following improvement:


Before we could split a whole log into 2, 6 or 12 pieces


We can now split 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 pieces


This is producing a more uniform log size. It involves our telehandler driver sorting through the input logs, so that the appropriate sizes can be fed into the different splitting blades.


Hopefully you will appreciate this improvement.


Summer Hardwood Sales And Re-introduction of Scandinavian Birch


Our Summer hardwood sale continues, and fresh stocks of input hardwood have arrived in the yard, giving as a secure supply for the whole of next year.


Hardwood Summer Sale


We have re-stocked with Scandinavian Birch firewood and have re-launched that today:


Scandinavian Birch Summer Sale


Please note this does include some ash and beech in the mix, it is as delivered to us.


Cheers for now



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