Firewood Season 2019 Swings Into Action

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Hardwood and Softwood Firewood Stacked Up 2019Our yard is stacked full with both Hardwood and Softwood ready to process

I think it's fair to say that the new firewood buying season is now open for business.

Our early autumn sale that finished recently, was spectacularly successful. The poor yard guys have been run off their feet getting the record breaking number of orders out.

Although put under pressure, our system has coped remarkably well. The new firewood processor purchased last year has been making short work of the large pile of input logs we have stocked up with.

We are delighted that we are supplying so many people new to log burning. People have been installing stoves at an incredible rate.

They are a renewable heating resource, but also add so much charm to your house.

It's funny, but as I talk to our customers, it amazes me how many folk really enjoy the whole process. It maybe harks back to simpler or happier times; stacking wood piles and bringing in the baskets of logs to sit beside your crackling stove.

Although this is good news for global warming (note that we are now replanting forestry at record levels BBC News Link, Scottish Government Forest Strategy ) we are hyper-aware of the pollution risks.

As previously stated, we support the upgrading of your stove to meet the newer emissions targets: (FE Blog Wood burner Pollution Issues 2019 )

So bear this in mind. 

Remember that our Ready to Burn Logs are guaranteed to be below 20% moisture to improve their burning properties.

If you are any doubt about our firewood product and service, our independently verified Trustpilot Reviews should put you mind at ease.

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