Firewood Delivery Partners Currently Stressed With Driver Shortage

Good morning,

What a challenging year we’ve had, from the extreme firewood demand of last season (during the record cold spell), through a very busy summer, hardly a chance to breathe, and now we are straight into a delivery driver shortage crisis.

I’m sure we are no different from many businesses and organisations, but these continuously challenging conditions are very stressful.

The current driver shortage has in fact caused us to temporarily (we hope) remove our named-day firewood delivery service.

The poor delivery depots are all looking at mountains of pallets (3 or 4 days worth) waiting to go out, but also 3,4 or even 5 lorries sitting idle.

The staff in these depots are almost at the end of their tether, unable to supply their customers expectations.

So as I said, we are now sending our firewood orders to our delivery partners with an expectation of getting them delivered just as and when the depot can get to them.

We are suggesting that if you were ever thinking about adding a bit more log storage, especially with the spiking gas and oil prices, then this is the year to do it. Then make sure you buy plenty of firewood logs, well in advance.

Cheers for now