Woodsure Ready To Burn Firewood Standard receives boost

As you may know we received our Woodsure approval this year as are more and more professional firewood suppliers.

The scheme has governmental backing in the drive to lower air polllution.

The scheme is now being boosted by publicity drives to ensure that consumers are both aware of the regulations that are now in force and the reasons why.

Woodsure say this about choosing a fuel for your stove or fire:

“Burning poor quality fuels, like wet wood or house coal, can release smoke into the air which, when mixing with other emissions in your chimney, can damage your health. The good news is there are small changes you can make to improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe, such as using better, less polluting solid fuels.”

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Or read more on their campaign page:

DEFRA woodsure page

We support the drive to burn drier fuels, not only because you get environmental and health benefits, but the consumer also gets a greater heat output from the logs, as less energy is required to evaporate the water inside the wood.

Note that this means in most species, you should be specifying kiln dried firewood like all our products in our “Ready to Burncategory. However we make an exception for Larch. This species dries itself to below 20% with a little time, so we sell it for DIY log seasoning here. BUT make sure you use a moisture meter to identify when it is ready to burn.