Firewood Express Achieve Woodsure Standard

Firewood Express are delighted to announce that we have had our production systems and firewood audited, inspected and approved as meeting the Woodsure Ready to Burn standards.

We have introduced robust systems to our quality management system to ensure our firewood meets or exceeds the Ready to Burn standards at all time.

The Ready to Burn standard has been produced to satisfy the requirements being demanded from the regulatory authorities in relation to improving air quality, and specifically reducing pollution from wood fueled stoves.

This a great explainer, Pollution Risks From Burning Firewood (USA info but equally valid here too) There are multiple pollution risks we are worried about from wood burning including the fine particles that are created from incomplete burning.

So we all must take this very seriously if we are too keep log burning available to us in the long run.

Our approval covers almost all our products, but especially our 2 most popular products:

>>>> Ready to Burn Larch

>>>> Ready to Burn Hardwood

Note our approval does not cover our semi-seasoned larch sales as these are sold in a raw state.

We have produced an updated drying guide for DIY seasoners here, as you must also adhere to the rules about burning dry firewood! Please note the the most important section on how to measure the moisture content. Do not burn wood until moisture levels are below 20%

Please ensure you choose a firewood supplier with the ready to burn certification.