Softwood Firewood Sale Ends Halloween

The image above was taken during the summer when we had the woodchipper in preparing woodchip for the daffodil drying season, but it shows the scale of our log seasoning yard. Thanks to Scott Cameron (who is our Blacksmith by day) for the drone photography.

Our softwood (larch and Pine) sale ends tomorrow night, Halloween, so keep the winter ghouls at bay with a fresh supply of bone dry logs to keep your house warm and alive.

Softwood Sale ends midnight 31st October

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Silver Birch

We are working through a stock of pure Scottish birch at the moment and have had a bit of a run on it recently. Silver Birch is a tremendous firewood, kind of like a fusion between hard and softwood, giving off huge amounts of heat and flames (birch is one of the few species where the bark is actually properly flammable, and in fact can be used as a firelighter)

Scottish birch is not quite as energy dense as the slower grown Scandinavian birch that we are about to receive however, like the softwoods, it is available in good quantities locally.

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