Firewood Blog Late Winter 2020, Firewood Express Supplied volumes continue rise

Wow, that is some extreme weather this week; Ice, snow and gales!

I just wanted to blog on the late winter stock position and activities.

We have experienced some significant volume increases this winter, which have tested our men and machines to the limit.

Not only have we been supplying householders across the UK, with sharp increases in our Highland customers (we believe our flat pricing policy, no premiums for any mainland delivery address is proving very popular), but we have taken on a number of new trade customers this winter.

These firewood companies are buying full lorry loads of our firewood logs for reselling. We are now supplying trade re-sellers in the Shetlands, Isle of Lewis, Inverness, Isle of Man, Yorkshire, Warwickshire and right round the M25.

These new orders are rolling in because of our ability to produce uniform, high quality, very dry logs, at scale.

It is now our procurement guy’s job to get the timber in from the forests in equal volume.

Fortunately we have just taken delivery of the first tranche of pure beech from a local forest, this will see the winter out for the hardwood.

We are beginning to make early plans for our summer¬†semi-seasoned softwood campaigns, we are buying up good blocks of both pine and larch in preparation. These promotions allow you to DIY season your own wood, giving you fantastic savings over the kiln-dried products. As logs are split to order we also offer a far greater range of lengths from 8″ up to the giant 14″ logs that people use in larger boilers.

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We keep monitoring our independent Trustpilot reviews for guidance as to how we can improve our product and service. In response to comments we have changed the wording slightly on our packs. When we are processing firewood, we have very little control of the diameter of the input timber, so as the logs are like bits of cheese on a trivial pursuit game, one of the dimensions is equal to the radius of the log.

so, we now seperate the different diametres into big and little, the bigger, chunkier material is in the 10″ length packs and the smaller diameter material is in the 8″ packs. So for smaller stoves, you really should choose the 8″ size.